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Fake human.

// Ron Mueck is a London based, Melbourne born sculpture artist of amazing proportions. Literally. 

Wild Man, Ron Mueck

No doubt you’ve seen him on the telly; Mueck’s amazing life like reconstructions of the human form, made mostly of fiberglass and silicon. These works of art are so disturbingly accurate as human figures, the viewer is equally moved and disturbed. Totaling a year of work for each sculpture, the realism of each individual part of the figure, such as their blemishes, veins and fingernails are all incredibly convincing. Mueck’s maniuplation of scale is similarly breathtaking with some figures towering over 15 feet, others merely 3. The figures themselves are often naked and poised in states of introspection or deep reflection, each evoking a personal and identifiable human response.

Boy, Ron Mueck

The National Gallery of Victoria are displaying the most comprehensive exhibition of work by Mueck ever present in his hometown. It includes four new works in addition to majority of the classic’s that forced his name into the modern art spectrum. 

Only until April 18, 2010, get get! Deets here.

// Dan Z


Nickabocka loves: Urban Outfitters Apartment

// The bits and bobs that you wouldn’t have even dreamt of purchasing soon become must-haves for the student flatter at Urban Outfitters Apartment

Not only is international brand Urban Outfitters a sweet resource for male and female online clothes shoppers, their selection of Apartment items are such a treat. The pretty collection ranges from furniture and design, electronics, books, records, bikes to even new and vintage sewing machines.  Let me stress, these things are insanely priced. Most items are under $50.

Key holders, Urban Outfitters

Cupcake ornaments and decorations (including DIY ceramic painting!), Urban Outfitters

Cast metal milk crate, Urban Outfitters

More caaaayute items from Urban Outfitters Apartment here.

// Dan Z

Full time roller.

// Men’s fashion is all about the rolls, rolls, rolls. T-shirt to shoulder, shirt to elbow, coat to forearm, pant to ankle. Man, expose your ankle  and you’ve got yourself a full-time roller. 

Rolling of the cuff’s on pants or jeans has been quite popular now since the start of 2008. I was inspired by the look a few years ago when I fell in love with some exceptionally old, baggy Levi‘s and was trying to figure out the best way to wear them. Taller boys love it; unfortunately it doesn’t do much for your shorter male as accentuating the legs isn’t really what it’s about. But donned with the correct shoes, generally of the loafer or dress shoe variety, it can be an appropriate hint of style. 

Suit pants or jeans, baggy or skinny. Even women have been inspired to wack on a pair of ‘boyfriend jeans’ and have a crack. A simple double roll can be quite inconspicuous when done right, enough to expose what would generally be a bare ankle but not so much that the rolls dictate the look. 

// Dan Z

Volume 2

// In The Sun from She & Him’s new album, Volume Two. Out now.

What started out as a small side project between Zooey Deschanel (from films like Elf and 500 Days of Summer) & M. Ward (from his own singer-songwriter fame and Monsters of Folk) has flourished into a fully formed touring and recording band. Receiving rave reviews for their first album and deciding to follow it up, they have just released Volume Two to equal fanfare, if not more. This gorgeous video shows just how well this collaboration works (plus she’s cute.)

// Simon-Z

The genious that is Julian Casablancas.

// Below are a bunch of outtakes from the artwork session of Julian Casablancas’ solo album Phrazes for the Young. You probably know JC as the frontman of the greatest band in the world The Strokes (yes, very unbiased). However late last year, he decided to treat all of us hungry-for-the-new-Strokes-album fans with a solo record, which was the greatest thing since sliced bread. To say these photos are ‘amazing’ would be an understatement. I swear, the older JC gets, the younger he looks.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

JC will be hitting our shores in May.

Thursday 6 May The Tivoli, Brisbane
Friday 7 May Palace Theatre, Melbourne
Sunday 9 May Metro Theatre, Sydney

Ticketek, 132 849

// Bearsie

Model Vs. Runway

// Being the thoroughly addicted American Next Top Model loser that I am, I’ve come to not only to admire a model’s talent, but actually appreciate the sheer level of skill that it takes to wack on those twelve inch heels, strut down a runway (usually filled with obstacles of one kind or another), maintain a fierce demeanor, and actually sell a product.

Having said that, I still take sick pleasure in watching model’s fall.

These sucker’s brought the LOLz:

// Dan Z

Stop, collaborate and listen.

// Earth Hour is the biggest global climate change initiative started in 2007 by Sydney, Australia.

I often have fleeting doubts about whether my own capability to turn off the powerpoints when I leave the room or slightly decrease the amount of electricity I use on a daily basis does one bit of difference in the whole ‘save our planet’ spaz-out. Just sayin’. After all, I’m not the dude pumping hoards of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in the middle of nowhere and hell, I don’t even drive a car anymore. I don’t feel assured or confident that reducing my own pathetic little carbon footprint is going to help if the massive engineering big-wigs don’t get on board too. 

Along comes Earth Hour, a startling reminder of how our own individual contribution can count towards sustaining our planet.  Not only for one hour a year, but as a changed daily practice. In 2007, over 2.2 million homes and businesses in Australia hit the switch to make their stand against climate change. Only a year on, Earth Hour had become a global sustainability movement with more than 50 million people across 35 countries participating (this figure more than doubled for 2009). 

Earth Hour 2010 took place last night on Saturday 27th March with business’ and communities throughout the world registering online and contributing to the global scheme. I was in Federation Sqaure, just before Melbourne’s Art Centre dimmed it’s colourful display at 8.30pm. Unable to actually witness the crucial moment (Robert Pattinson’s new film at ACMI also started at 8.30pm, rude!) I was able to catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring official video.

This video really strikes a chord; I get it now. Switching off the lights for an hour decreases 10.1% of Melbourne’s usual electricity consumption. By having faith that I can make a wee difference, and that our neighbours are also fighting the fight, shaving even a fifth of that percentage off usual consumption on a daily basis is enough of a reason for me. 

(Damn Coldplay get’s me every time). 

// Dan Z