Phantom fun.

// Evie are a group of Melbourne-based creative individuals who pride themselves on altering perceptions of social interaction and making us double-take.

An alliance fueled by most of our favourite aspects of popular culture, the gang claim to ‘arise when the need to revivalist inspiration amongst society is evident’. Putting on a variety of secretive and innovative events via mostly unconventional mediums, Evie aim to ‘enhance the exploration of social interaction’. While somewhat elite, it’s Evie’s secrecy that’s most essential. They aren’t in it for attention or to be wild for the sake of shenanigans. They just want to plant a smile on your dial. 

A series of recent events held at Melbourne retailer Dansk (Chapel Street) have included a psychedelic tropical beach party (in the nude), all in the name of a wacky, unadulterated fun, with a little promotion of Sabre sunnies on the side.  Evie are also infamously remembered for a certain wrapping-of-cars-in-glad-wrap incident last April Fools Day which made national headlines.

Psychedelic Tropical Beach Party

‘We just wanted to bring the fun back into Melbourne’ 

Their new endeavor is the ‘Feeling Board Installation’. From the 16th of March, 2010, Evie will offer Melbourne the chance to wash away their emotions on a series of feeling boards placed around Melbourne. Each board will ask them what first comes to mind in relation to a specific word, and will encourage Melbournians to communicate these feelings on the pop up blackboards. Having collated the common Melbournite’s inner most workings, Dansk’s will showcase an exhibition displaying their findings. 

Catch a glimpse at the Dansk Gallery on Thursday 25th of March, 7pm. (Evie’s official site. The Evie mystery still remains, nothing much is given away here). 

// Dan-Z

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