Are clogs this season’s staple? I doubt it, but read on.

// I want to take you back for a moment to the late nineties when snap pants and Hawaiian shirts were every kid’s dream outfit. At around the time of this cringe-worthy fashion trend, I saved up my weekly pocket money and went out to buy myself a pair of clogs (don’t lie, I know you did too). I thought I was ridiculously cool because not only did I now, in my mind, dress like my favourite Spice Girl, but I had a new trendy pair of clogs to team with my beige cargo pants and favourite Winnie the Pooh t-shirt. The clog fashion trend lasted barely a month, and as quickly as they came in to fashion, I found myself sooner rather than later having to bid farewell to my favourite pair of shoes to the local Salvo’s bin. I hit rock bottom.

Around last September, I was browsing the Chanel website (I guess this could almost be considered apart of my daily routine) when I noticed Karl Lagerfeld had ingeniously reinvented the clog as part of the Autumn/Winter collection. I must say there are very rare moments in my life where I disagree with Lagerfeld. You know when your parents tell you to clean your room, and although you may not necessarily want or need to, you do it because you have to? I guess that’s how you could compare my relationship with Chanel. I’m a sucker for absolutely anything that has the eminent back-to-back patent C’s on it because, well, I have to. Clogs and all. Unconditional love, I think they call it.

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The revamp of the ‘Clog’, by Chanel.

Because we are a few seasons behind on our side of the globe here in Down Under, clogs have just started becoming a trend in stores. Although at first I was somewhat apprehensive about the re-vamp of the clog, the brand Funkis in particular has changed my initial perception. In fact, I couldn’t think of a better way to accessorise your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I assure you that there is an enormous difference between the Funkis design and the traditional Swedish ‘Klompen’ design (which apparently means ‘painful torture of the foot’). 

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Funkis Clog in patent, $139.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Funkis Clog in Nude, $139

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Funkis Clog-Sandal in red, $139

Check out Melbourne designer Gorman at GPO on Bourke Street, Melbourne. To shop online, hit up

I’ll let you decide. To clog, or not to clog? That is this season’s question.
// Bearsie


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