Nickabocka loves: Owl City

// Guilty pleasure Owl City released their new video for the second single from their recent record Ocean Eyes. The song is Vanilla Twilight. The video stars Basketball icon Shaq. Yeah, I’m not sure why. 

The video is the creative vision of Owl City, a.k.a Adam Young. Directed by Steve Hoover (also responsible for first single Fireflies), the clip was beautifully shot in the Historic North Side district of Pittsburgh, PA, with a considerably larger budget than Young has ever had before. Young fronts six musical projects in total, most successful of which is Owl City since Fireflies blew up in the US, UK and Australia. 

Vanilla Twilight

The clip is not quite as cute and quirky as Fireflies, and I can’t help but think that Young has been instructed to take advantage of his new found popularity and been pushed down the road of the many sell-outs that walk before him. The song also features on the new Alice In Wonderland soundtrack. But hey, I liked the song way before I had access to any of this annoying, new information and that’s not gonna change. And, ignoring a vague packet of crisps, at least there’s no product placement. 

Let’s just hope Young knows what he’s doing. 

// Dan Z

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