Nickabocka loves: Beyoncé makes a baby cry

// Babies + Beyoncé + YouTube + Cute + Car Dancing = ADORBS!

So, here’s a word of warning, if you are NOT a single lady then you have absolutely NO right to dance to Single Ladies. As a single lady myself, I claim that song right now. It is an anthem for a generation of single ladies like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole, Ke$ha, Rhianna (I know not technically single, but c’mon, with all that she’s been through, all the single ladies totally feel for her), and more (including Katy Perry when that publicity stunt with Russell Brand ends in tears). Now is the time where the ladies are taking over the airwaves and re-claiming the power. Girl Power!

Although, I will concede that Beyoncé is not a single lady. She’s married to that guy who all the contributors on this blog ripped off his name (talking to you Dan-Z, Bear-Z and Simon-Z). So, yes, I will concede that the song does not come from true Girl Power roots, but we can claim it now.

And all you 2-year old boys can dance to Kanye. Get your own role model.

// lolzworthy

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