Tomorrow, When The War Began

// The exclusive trailer for the highly anticipated Tomorrow, When The War Began film was released on March 31, 2010. 

The film, based on the critically-acclaimed novel by John Marsden has been in the pipeline for over five years. The project was finally given the green light (due to numerous funding obstacles) to go into production in 2009 when Screen Australia decided to financially back the making after screenwriter and director Stuart Beattie became attached (of Pirates of the Caribbean fame). Why Screen Australia wouldn’t fund it based on the novel’s incredible story alone is ridiculous, alas, that’s how the industry works here in Australia. $20 million later, the first film of a trilogy is upon us. If commerically successful, a TV show based on the remaining four novel’s is projected. 

The film unfortunately stars an array of Neighbours and Home & Away kids who are notorious for their limited acting abilities. But hey, maybe their performances in this will be the big break that every soap star desires. It’s happened before. Despite the questionable casting choices, I’m trying desperately not to pick holes in how this film could be the death of Marsden’s amazing invention, because this is exactly the kind of franchise-film that Australia needs. If marketed correctly, the international success of this film could blow up. Literally. 

Watch the trailer here and see it on the big screen September 9.  

// Dan Z

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