Biko, toughen up.

// Two months ago Kele Okereke, Bloc Party front man, came out as a raging ‘alt’ queer via BUTT magazine on the brink of his new solo endeavor. He tactfully avoided directly labeling himself for years, briefly touching on homoerotic themes in his music but never confirming his questionable sexuality. Now, despite fear of derailing the thriving Kele empire he has built, he names his parents as the reason he has finally chosen to come out swingin’. 

UK’s Attitude Summer 2010

BUTT Magazine, Spring 2010

I was never sure. And of course I’d alway hoped. Three years ago my friend tried to break it down for me: ‘He says We left our trousers by the canal.. and I’ve been waiting for you in The Joiners Arms which is like a gay pub in East London dude – total mo’. At long last he claims he is worried his parents will die without ever really knowing a large part of his person. Tear. 

Kele, stage name Kele, has been working on his solo record for the past year with UK producer Hudson Mohawk. Much like the pre-release anticipation that Bloc Party fans experience, compiled evidence thus far is really not enough to predict what Kele’s new sound will entail. His first single Tenderoni is less Intimacy and more Flux, lending one to assume Kele has hung up his Converse sneakers and taken the club-tech road. I’m not adverse to this one bit. Indie records have to be pretty damn special these days to make much of an impact. 

Anyway, check out Tenderoni. On display throughout – hot, ripped, naked black men:

Kele’s solo record The Boxer is out June 21 and probably available for illegal download a few days before that (not here, of course). 

// Dan Z

  1. Thanks for sliding through my blog and leaving a comment. I equally like this posting. Kele is courageous to come out of the closet. In some genres it isn’t a big deal if your gay, but in others it’s career suicide to proclaim that you are homosexual. Add to that the fact that he is Black with African heritage, makes Kele a courageous man. 🙂

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