Another week, another festival.

// As a tricky industry to break in to, the The 2010 Emerging Writers’ Festival will do its best to lend a hand at making sure Australian writers are down with the process. 

Running from May 21 – 30, the festival will hold a number of events that promote the interests of emerging writers, from a spotlight into non-fiction in Write What You Know, to a Triple J presented expose’ on how the disco movement has affected literature, there is something for every niche writer. Of particular note is the world’s first mobile magazine fair, which travels via bus to visit zine markets and chat with various artists (guerilla style, of course). 

I gotta say, I love creative forums. We all know putting pen to paper can be difficult (or putting finger to keyboard for that matter) – but thanks to a few passionately charged individuals who cared enough to share their knowledge and arrange for others to do the same, writers of all shapes and sizes can learn how to design plotlines, write dialogue, find a voice, find an agent and get published. All for around $10 a session. 

The festival includes a wonderful selection of events at the Melbourne Town Hall; grab a weekend pass for $30 and experience the lot. Check out the program of events here.

// Dan Z

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