Nickabocka loves: Tuula

// Vintage clothing can be so damn expensive. I get cheesed off when I stroll into any local vintage store expecting to pick up a bargain or four, only to discover the clothes are often five times the price of what I’d usually pay on a good day at Salvo’s (yes Retro Star, I’m talking to you). I understand and respect that some clothes are genuine one-off’s and deserve the three digit price tag. Heck, many a time I’ve paid an unnecessary amount for vintage because in my own rationalisation, it is worth every cent. However what really grinds my gears are people that buy a dress from Savers for 10 bucks, take the hem up, and then sell it in their hipster store for 100 big ones. No fair.

Just over a month ago, I was recommended by a friend during a ridiculously boring tutorial at Uni to check out an online vintage store by the name of Tuula. Just when I was starting to think vintage ain’t what it used to be, maaan was I pleased to discover this marvelous blog. I was ecstatic to see such a splendid and diverse range of pieces, all hand crafted and modeled by Jessica Stein (who is breathtakingly stunning might I add). The pre-loved and new pieces are all at a ludicrously affordable price, suitable for any Uni student’s poormans budget.

21 year old Jessica Stein, who hails from the Central Coast of NSW, started Tuula when she arrived home from Europe last year with a titanic 75kg’s worth of clothing that she’d collected throughout her European escapades (I get sad trying to guess what Jess’ excess luggage fee was). At the time of writing, Tuula currently has a cult following of 22,198 people on facebook. That many ‘likes’ really speaks for itself. Yeeep – this gurl has some good shit.

Jess is heading back to London shortly, but don’t be alarmed. Tuula will live on from across the globe. Jess has promised that she will continue to update her blog, photograph and hunt for more amazing London-chic pieces, which us kids Down Under will be able to buy online. Feck yeah.

What if vintage isn’t your thang? Well, Jess insists that ‘confidence is always the key, and mixing vintage with up to date basics is my wardrobe staple. I know a lot of girls that love vintage, but seem to admire from a distance as they think they would never suit an all vintage look’. Jess hopes that Tuula inspires girls to find their own style in their everyday outfits. Naww.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Check it: store / blog 

// Bear-Z


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