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Another day, another Daniel Radcliffe photoshoot.

// Remember when photos leaked of Daniel Radcliffe’s peen for his Equus stint? That was fun. But even fully clothed, Potter effing shines once again, only this time for L’uomo Vogue (naturally). 

D-Rad has got to be the most editorially photographed celebrity in Britain by far (soon to be taken over by R-Patz, his obvious arch-nemesis). Who knew when they cast the sucker at the ripe ‘ol age of 10 years old that he’d turn out to be such a stud? Check out more of his sex-eye shots here.  

// Dan Z



// You only have to watch UKTV to realise Britain’s television industry is well established, but watch out Absolutely, there’s a new breed of Fabulous in town. 

Is it just me, or is Britain emerging as a fantastic source of series television? Just in this last decade we’ve had a few obvious successes from Skins to Extras and the extraordinary cult following of Doctor Who (I’ve got some relatively normal people in my life that turn into psycho Who fans at the stroke of midnight). But it just keeps getting better! If you haven’t heard of these two stand-outs, get on it ridiculously quick. 

Misfits (E4)

The Inbetweeners (E4)

Why do we like British television? Okay, so it’s not American television – fantastic start. Secondly, they have addictive, mesmerizing accents (I basically fall in love with anyone with a British accent no matter how tooth-less). Lastly (not because it’s actually the last reason but more because I can’t be bothered continuing the list) the witty, terribly-British humour. Laugh a minute, every time. Although that last point probably ties in with the second point, so we can basically surmise that British television is good because they have humorous accents that aren’t American.

That basically sums up this post quite neatly.

// Dan Z

Burqa? Oui oui.

// Not often do I get outraged by politics. I am the first to admit that I’d rather read about Lindsay Lohan and her SCRAM bracelet than hear about mind-numbing political brap-brap. Watching the news makes me depressed and angry. Give me Perez Hilton over the 7.30 report any day. Bare this in mind before continuing. 

I was reading a few months ago (yeah, not the most reliable news source but it works for me so nuuuh) when I stumbled upon an article about Muslim women being banned in France for wearing burqa’s. Excuse me, but whaaaaat? I know that a lot of people believe that this somehow masquerades as progress for women’s rights, but before placing this ban, did the French government ever stop and remember that these women choose to wear burqa’s and that it’s actually a huge part of their religion? I understand that in some instances Muslim women are forced to wear the garment out of fear of abandoning their religious upbringing (yeah, that gets up my goat), but is it really necessary to completely forbid women to wear it? Why not opt to give women the option instead of threatening them with a monetary fine? What happened to democracy and freedom, maaan.

Burqa’s have been banned in French public schools since 2004. Nicolas Sarkozy (President of France) defended the law by saying it was because ‘France cannot accept that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity’. Yeah, yeah Sarkozy. The feminist side of me agrees. But depriving people of their religious freedom is just as wrong and I hope to GaGa that other governments don’t follow.

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And Australia’s stance on the issue? Douche-bag Tony Abbott (sorry, slip of the tongue) stated; ‘I think a lot of Australians find the wearing of the burqa quite confronting and I wish it was not widely worn. But the point is we don’t have a policy to ban it and we have always respected people’s rights in this area’. At least he got something right. However inarticulate he chooses to voice it. 

If they are going to ban something, please at least make it the Bieber-religion that some 12 year old twat made up (No I kid, I kid. Love you Biebs.)

// Bear-Z

Another blow for Paris.

// Paris Hilton inspired by The Triangles? It seems so. 

Nah, check it out. Melbourne band The Triangles have been in heavy competition with the likes of (Dame) Gaga and Ke$ha to be the sound of Spanish beer brand Estrella Damm. They’ve jumped to the top of the commercial chart in both Spain and Australia with Applejack, a song penned over 5 years ago without any intention of it ever becoming a chart topper. Seems unlikely that Ms. Hilton (or her musical camp) would have been exposed to an independently produced EP by tiny Australian label Half A Cow Records, but the obvious similarity between Applejack and Paris’ Nothing In The World (recorded in 2006 – and featuring vocals from the then unknown Ke$ha) is fantastically noticeable.  

The Triangle’s have and will reach more success with their *insert generic indie/pop tune description* than Hilton every did. Granted, Hilton was arrested for driving under the influence shortly after the song was released, so she may have lost motivation to generate heat by promotionally touring with the single. Are we shocked? No. Angered? Of course not. Paris’ musical talent certainty doesn’t warrant any sort of focus, unlike that of Coldplay’s various plagiarism claims. Hell, Hilton needs all the help she can get. (Her first single Stars Are Blind was albeit quite catchy).

// Dan Z