Another blow for Paris.

// Paris Hilton inspired by The Triangles? It seems so. 

Nah, check it out. Melbourne band The Triangles have been in heavy competition with the likes of (Dame) Gaga and Ke$ha to be the sound of Spanish beer brand Estrella Damm. They’ve jumped to the top of the commercial chart in both Spain and Australia with Applejack, a song penned over 5 years ago without any intention of it ever becoming a chart topper. Seems unlikely that Ms. Hilton (or her musical camp) would have been exposed to an independently produced EP by tiny Australian label Half A Cow Records, but the obvious similarity between Applejack and Paris’ Nothing In The World (recorded in 2006 – and featuring vocals from the then unknown Ke$ha) is fantastically noticeable.  

The Triangle’s have and will reach more success with their *insert generic indie/pop tune description* than Hilton every did. Granted, Hilton was arrested for driving under the influence shortly after the song was released, so she may have lost motivation to generate heat by promotionally touring with the single. Are we shocked? No. Angered? Of course not. Paris’ musical talent certainty doesn’t warrant any sort of focus, unlike that of Coldplay’s various plagiarism claims. Hell, Hilton needs all the help she can get. (Her first single Stars Are Blind was albeit quite catchy).

// Dan Z

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