// You only have to watch UKTV to realise Britain’s television industry is well established, but watch out Absolutely, there’s a new breed of Fabulous in town. 

Is it just me, or is Britain emerging as a fantastic source of series television? Just in this last decade we’ve had a few obvious successes from Skins to Extras and the extraordinary cult following of Doctor Who (I’ve got some relatively normal people in my life that turn into psycho Who fans at the stroke of midnight). But it just keeps getting better! If you haven’t heard of these two stand-outs, get on it ridiculously quick. 

Misfits (E4)

The Inbetweeners (E4)

Why do we like British television? Okay, so it’s not American television – fantastic start. Secondly, they have addictive, mesmerizing accents (I basically fall in love with anyone with a British accent no matter how tooth-less). Lastly (not because it’s actually the last reason but more because I can’t be bothered continuing the list) the witty, terribly-British humour. Laugh a minute, every time. Although that last point probably ties in with the second point, so we can basically surmise that British television is good because they have humorous accents that aren’t American.

That basically sums up this post quite neatly.

// Dan Z

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