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// Here at team Nickabocka, we have been overwhelmed by the amount of awesome new music that is coming out this year. Favourites like Sia, M.I.A, Christina Aguilera, Operator Please and heaps more artists coming out of their caves to make 2010 a huge music year.

What has come out of the blue yesterday is leaking of the sample from our Kylie’s soon-to-be released single.

There’s not a lot to it and it’s missing hook, line and lyrics, but it’s enough to start the hyperventilating that happens a lot around here. And it’s sparked the not-very-aged debate of “everybody’s ripping of Gaga these days!”

2009 was the year of the Gaga, I think we can safely say, and that marks an important place in modern music, as we move into an extremely female vocal-centric phase in both alternative and mainstream circles. Lady Gaga is an amazing artist not just because she’s extremely popular and makes a lot of money, but also because she has credibility that most of the other pop stars of the last 10 years have lacked. Britney, Rhianna, Miley, Shakira, Christina and more came in with a whole lot of publicity and were undoubtedly talented singers, but lacked life experience, song-writing skill and in the case of Britney, sanity. Lady Gaga has that skill, experience and credibility. And then some. She’s a ripened 24 years old, she’s unashamedly sexually active, and she’s lyrically funny and relatable, even though she can get pretty repetitive (ah-ah, ra ma ra ma ma…)

Christina’s releasing Bionic this Aussie winter, and has been accused of basing her ultrapopfuturesound on Gaga’s image (even though her new song sounds like it’s straight out of 2006). And Rhianna’s disasterous Rated R, which spawned the goodness that was Rude Boy and which Def Jam happily swept every other ballady-boring non-dance track under the carpet and announced another album for 2010 so people would forget about R as soon as possible. And so, like Christina before her, Kylie has bowed down to the power of Gaga and decided that ultrapop is the way to go. *Sigh*

Wait a moment, didn’t Kylie invent ultrapop? Spinning Around, anybody? Can’t Get You Out of My Head is practically the BASIS of Gaga’s Bad Romance.

You Go Kylie! Work those booty shorts!

P.S- Dannii on Australia’s Got Talent last night? Please go back to England and leave us alone, jealous little sister. kthnxbai

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Nickabocka loves: Beyoncé makes a baby cry

// Babies + Beyoncé + YouTube + Cute + Car Dancing = ADORBS!

So, here’s a word of warning, if you are NOT a single lady then you have absolutely NO right to dance to Single Ladies. As a single lady myself, I claim that song right now. It is an anthem for a generation of single ladies like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole, Ke$ha, Rhianna (I know not technically single, but c’mon, with all that she’s been through, all the single ladies totally feel for her), and more (including Katy Perry when that publicity stunt with Russell Brand ends in tears). Now is the time where the ladies are taking over the airwaves and re-claiming the power. Girl Power!

Although, I will concede that Beyoncé is not a single lady. She’s married to that guy who all the contributors on this blog ripped off his name (talking to you Dan-Z, Bear-Z and Simon-Z). So, yes, I will concede that the song does not come from true Girl Power roots, but we can claim it now.

And all you 2-year old boys can dance to Kanye. Get your own role model.

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