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Fake human.

// Ron Mueck is a London based, Melbourne born sculpture artist of amazing proportions. Literally. 

Wild Man, Ron Mueck

No doubt you’ve seen him on the telly; Mueck’s amazing life like reconstructions of the human form, made mostly of fiberglass and silicon. These works of art are so disturbingly accurate as human figures, the viewer is equally moved and disturbed. Totaling a year of work for each sculpture, the realism of each individual part of the figure, such as their blemishes, veins and fingernails are all incredibly convincing. Mueck’s maniuplation of scale is similarly breathtaking with some figures towering over 15 feet, others merely 3. The figures themselves are often naked and poised in states of introspection or deep reflection, each evoking a personal and identifiable human response.

Boy, Ron Mueck

The National Gallery of Victoria are displaying the most comprehensive exhibition of work by Mueck ever present in his hometown. It includes four new works in addition to majority of the classic’s that forced his name into the modern art spectrum. 

Only until April 18, 2010, get get! Deets here.

// Dan Z