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Another day, another Daniel Radcliffe photoshoot.

// Remember when photos leaked of Daniel Radcliffe’s peen for his Equus stint? That was fun. But even fully clothed, Potter effing shines once again, only this time for L’uomo Vogue (naturally). 

D-Rad has got to be the most editorially photographed celebrity in Britain by far (soon to be taken over by R-Patz, his obvious arch-nemesis). Who knew when they cast the sucker at the ripe ‘ol age of 10 years old that he’d turn out to be such a stud? Check out more of his sex-eye shots here.  

// Dan Z


Influence, among other things.

// Time 100 voters get the chance to name 2010’s most influential player. 

Time Magazine has conducted a listing of 100 most influential figures for the past six years. Beginning in 1999, the ‘zine polled readers on figures which have demonstrated utmost influence in the 20th century, the populairty of which paved the way for an annual listing in 2004. 

Split into five catagories (Leaders & Revolutionaries, Builders & Titans, Artists & Entertainers, Scientists & Thinkers, and Heroes & Icons), Time makes a point of noting that influential status is not necessarily positive, but rather people that have changed the world with a very public possession of power. George W. Bush, for example, has made the list four times, negative opinions not withstanding. Standing her ground in every poll to date, Oprah reigns as most frequently named influential figure. Winning an international poll such as this warrants considerable merit, and it’s taken quite seriously among various platforms. 

The 2010 Time 100 poll is currently open for public vote here. This years nominees include Anna Wintour, Neil Patrick Harris and the never to be de-throned, Lady Gaga. 

// Dan Z

Mag Nation made me strip for goods.

// Desperate for the new Frankie but just don’t have the funds? Simple solution, really. Walk into any Mag Nation (air-freight and niche magazine specialty store) in your undies and receive a free item up the value of $50. 

But seriously, easier said than done, right? I mean, how many people were really gonna be interested in stripping down in public, especially considering that the MN stores are situated in busy city and city-fringe thoroughfares.

Well, the Undies Monday promotion (which ran every Monday in March, 2010) almost sent them bankrupt. As the realistion grew that there were unquestionably more exhibitionists in Australia and NZ than previously predicted, thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free vouchers later, MN were forced to refine the rules. It’s all very psychological too. They discovered that the buzz of taking one’s clothes off paired with remuneration directly linked to the risk factor really gets people’s adrenalin rushin’. They set about raising the bar. 

In a truly nutz way of maintaining momentum and charming customers, MN claimed they were back with Booby Tuesday. Yep. Anyone willing to flash their titties (if you will) would be rewarded. The latter rather daring marketing ploy was unfortunately nothing more than an April Fools joke, but MN had undoubtedly caught many magazine-thirsty people’s attention. It’s clear these guys not only have a passion for the glossy appeal of ye ‘ol ‘magazine’ (including the offering of magazine subscriptions online) but also quite a knack for ensuring they’re leading the pack. And so they damn well should — walk into MN and see for yourself, this place is pretty special. 

Feast your eyes on their website – it’s a beauty! 

// Dan Z

I wanna be POPular.

// Chill with thinkers, swoon with lovers, be seduced by poets, learn from scientists, and go nuts with radicals in some of the best books ever written. 

Popular Penguins or Penguin Classics as they are sometimes referred, are a collection of classic titles by Penguin, a publishing company started by Allen Lane who, if you’ve read the back of any Penguin novel (and mistaken it for the actual blurb of the book like I did) you would know was ‘just looking for a decent book to read’. Whether it be High Fidelity, The Great Gatsby or even A Clockwork Orange, if you’re a trendy hipster without one of these beauties poking out of your student satchel then you’re severely lacking. This ensemble is designed for the poor. The notion of the Popular Penguin collection that these simple-designed paperbacks are sold at an affordable price, each and every one with a recommended retail price of $9.99.  

But! There’s more! To celebrate Penguin’s 75th anniversary, 75 new Popular Penguins are coming out in July 2010. Order your winter reading list from the comprehensive list of new titles here or watch this cute little video highlighting each one. 

// Dan Z