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A night in Berlin

// Cocktails in Berlin anyone? It’ll only cost you a walk up Little Bourke and a damn cute outfit.

Walk up two flights of darkened stairs and ring the bell to Berlin. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by one of the many ridiculously good looking foreign bar staff, who are surprisingly unpretentious and happy to give you advice on their delightful menu choices. Although the bar itself is quite small, the space has been utilised exceptionally well. Set amongst a back drop of classy European furnishings, its divided into two sub-sections. East Berlin is furnished with low slung couches or booths and proves a cosy spot; the perfect place to take a date – intimacy is guaranteed. The West side is more of a draw card as it offers a slightly more unique and stylised decor. Boasting the same concept as the famous “Bed” night club from Sex and the City, Berlin has set up several double bunks (be mindful and watch your alcohol consumption – drunkenly climbing down a thin ladder or jumping off in heels could leave you feeling like an idiot).

If the bunk beds are perhaps a little too out there for you, grab a table at one of the many bath tub turned cocktail benches or book the king bed in the corner, allowing a full 270 degree view of the room from a risen stage set. You may feel like a bit of twat sitting up there with everybody secretly peering (you’re literally staged for everyone to see) but hey, you’re out in Berlin, you may as well go all out.

Berlin is located on top of the not-so-hot Eurotrash and next to Fad Bar in Corrs Lane, Melbourne CBD. Menu choices here

// glitterali