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// British icon Topman (masculine variation to it’s sister Topshop) has gone filmic. In collaboration with Laurence Ellis, the store has decided to initiate their new AW10 line of denim with three exquisite short films.

A step away from your typical telly advertisment or fashion video, the films are shot on Super 16 film stock and focus on three central characters aptly named Louis, Henry and Sid. The films intimately interweave in a journey capturing youth spirit and identity.

Topman is setting up an interactive web component whereby consumers can access interviews and behind-the-scenes footage with the characters, ultimately leading to said consumer purchasing a brand spankin’ new pair of AW’s.

Clever, and undoubtedly effective. Bravo!

Trailer for the film collectives below:

// Dan Z


Parlez Vous Gossip?

// Oui Oui! The Season 4 trailer for Gossip Girl has just been released!

While Dan nurses his firstborn in Brooklyn, the rest of the shimmered-up ensemble are out of the city and onto the cobble-stoned streets of Paris in true ‘Carrie’ style. 

Let’s be honest, bb. While the show is visually pleasing (hot cast + hot clothes = good times) their lackluster attempt at creating ‘conflict’ and ‘drama’ has critically and commercially failed. If it’s not careful, the show will begin to enter the quick decline into TV syndication. Alas, the season’s entry in Paris is hopeful. I’m actually creaming at the thought. 

Check out ze trailer ‘ere:

// Dan Z

Another day, another Daniel Radcliffe photoshoot.

// Remember when photos leaked of Daniel Radcliffe’s peen for his Equus stint? That was fun. But even fully clothed, Potter effing shines once again, only this time for L’uomo Vogue (naturally). 

D-Rad has got to be the most editorially photographed celebrity in Britain by far (soon to be taken over by R-Patz, his obvious arch-nemesis). Who knew when they cast the sucker at the ripe ‘ol age of 10 years old that he’d turn out to be such a stud? Check out more of his sex-eye shots here.  

// Dan Z


// You only have to watch UKTV to realise Britain’s television industry is well established, but watch out Absolutely, there’s a new breed of Fabulous in town. 

Is it just me, or is Britain emerging as a fantastic source of series television? Just in this last decade we’ve had a few obvious successes from Skins to Extras and the extraordinary cult following of Doctor Who (I’ve got some relatively normal people in my life that turn into psycho Who fans at the stroke of midnight). But it just keeps getting better! If you haven’t heard of these two stand-outs, get on it ridiculously quick. 

Misfits (E4)

The Inbetweeners (E4)

Why do we like British television? Okay, so it’s not American television – fantastic start. Secondly, they have addictive, mesmerizing accents (I basically fall in love with anyone with a British accent no matter how tooth-less). Lastly (not because it’s actually the last reason but more because I can’t be bothered continuing the list) the witty, terribly-British humour. Laugh a minute, every time. Although that last point probably ties in with the second point, so we can basically surmise that British television is good because they have humorous accents that aren’t American.

That basically sums up this post quite neatly.

// Dan Z


// Just in case the gay’s felt uncomfortable or ridiculed, French McDonald’s has released a commercial designed to promote equality throughout it’s restaurants.

Bitch, please. We know pretty gay boys wouldn’t be seen dead scoffing McNuggets in public. 

// Dan Z

What would mums say?

// Every now and again America will produce a film that defies the glitz and glamour of traditional Hollywood filmmaking. No explosions, no 3D aliens from another planet, no massive casts of 10-15 B-list celebrities fighting for camera time; just pure heart and soul. Thank Christ.  

I caught The Kids Are Alright at the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival and only afterward discovered that Mia Wasikowska was Alice (of Wonderland fame) and Australian. Unlike Alice In Wonderland, you can really begin to tell why this little Aussie unknown has been plucked from down under and thrust into America’s view finder; she has some truly beautiful moments in this film. I’ve also developed a mad crush on Mark Ruffalo and an equal appreciation for Julianne Moore. Together with Annette Benning, they bring this new-age family to life with their honest portrayal of monogamy, coming of age and the burdens associated with having two mummies. Soundtrack features Julian Casablancas and Joni Mitchell. 


// Dan Z

J-Mraz gives a damn about equality.

// Singer/songwriter Jason Mraz has spoken out in support of marriage equality for the Give a Damn Campaign. The campaign, which was started by Cyndi Lauper and her True Colours Fund, focuses on encouraging people from all walks of life to raise awareness about the injustice behind lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights. Brilliant. It really is important that it’s not just the gays piping up all the time! Watch the video below.

// Bear-Z