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Nickabocka loves: Tuula

// Vintage clothing can be so damn expensive. I get cheesed off when I stroll into any local vintage store expecting to pick up a bargain or four, only to discover the clothes are often five times the price of what I’d usually pay on a good day at Salvo’s (yes Retro Star, I’m talking to you). I understand and respect that some clothes are genuine one-off’s and deserve the three digit price tag. Heck, many a time I’ve paid an unnecessary amount for vintage because in my own rationalisation, it is worth every cent. However what really grinds my gears are people that buy a dress from Savers for 10 bucks, take the hem up, and then sell it in their hipster store for 100 big ones. No fair.

Just over a month ago, I was recommended by a friend during a ridiculously boring tutorial at Uni to check out an online vintage store by the name of Tuula. Just when I was starting to think vintage ain’t what it used to be, maaan was I pleased to discover this marvelous blog. I was ecstatic to see such a splendid and diverse range of pieces, all hand crafted and modeled by Jessica Stein (who is breathtakingly stunning might I add). The pre-loved and new pieces are all at a ludicrously affordable price, suitable for any Uni student’s poormans budget.

21 year old Jessica Stein, who hails from the Central Coast of NSW, started Tuula when she arrived home from Europe last year with a titanic 75kg’s worth of clothing that she’d collected throughout her European escapades (I get sad trying to guess what Jess’ excess luggage fee was). At the time of writing, Tuula currently has a cult following of 22,198 people on facebook. That many ‘likes’ really speaks for itself. Yeeep – this gurl has some good shit.

Jess is heading back to London shortly, but don’t be alarmed. Tuula will live on from across the globe. Jess has promised that she will continue to update her blog, photograph and hunt for more amazing London-chic pieces, which us kids Down Under will be able to buy online. Feck yeah.

What if vintage isn’t your thang? Well, Jess insists that ‘confidence is always the key, and mixing vintage with up to date basics is my wardrobe staple. I know a lot of girls that love vintage, but seem to admire from a distance as they think they would never suit an all vintage look’. Jess hopes that Tuula inspires girls to find their own style in their everyday outfits. Naww.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Check it: store / blog 

// Bear-Z



Nickabocka loves: Glee

// They quite triumphantly tackeled Madonna a few weeks ago, and now prime-time musical dram-edy Glee takes on the music and fashion of Lady Gaga. 

Glee is taking leaps and bounds in becoming one of the most popular shows of our generation. Not since Gossip Girl hit the screens three years ago has a program really captivated pop-culture enthusiasts with their novel story ideas and hot cast (see below). Not to mention talented! Of course, I’m a sucker for the musical in most forms. In my opinion, shows brave enough to embrace the genre (Scrubs, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) should have extended their musical affiliations for at least a season or two (okay, maybe not). But the primary difference with Glee is that these kids are actually singers. And dancers. They’ve got it all going on. And with five best-selling records under their belt (including and not limited to the #1 selling iTunes hit, The Power of Madonna), the gang are building up quite a repetoir of modern pop hits as well as classic tunes. For anyone whose fantasized about losing their virginity to the sweet serenation of their boyfriend singing Like A Virgin, this is the show for you.

Single handedly responsible for the rebirth of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, including the art of the ‘mash up’ (mixing such artists as Bon Jovi and Usher in the same number). Stand out numbers throughout the season have included unexpected renditions of Dionne Warwck’s A House Is Not A Home, Lily Allen’s Smile, Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of The Heart and Lennon’s Imagine (shared on screen with a deaf show choir. Tear). 

Lea Michele in Elle, February 2010.

Dianna Agron (in Chanel jacket), Interview, January 2010. 

The Male Cast of Glee, Vanity Fair, December 2009. 

Rolling Stone, March 2010.

Not only is Glee insanely entertaining, but it highlights the importance of arts education and gives the big fat finger to anybody that gave a wedgie in high school. The show stars broadway actress Lea Michele, who has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe Award for her performance as overbearing starlet Rachel Berry (the show also scored a win for Best Television Series—Musical or Comedy). Michele is also set to star as Dorothy in the CGI animated remake of Wizard of Oz next year.

The Gaga-inspired episode is directed by Joss Whedon (the creative brilliance behind the Buffy empire. Yes Buffy-nerds, he’s back on prime time!) and also guest stars Neil Patrick Harris. And just who can get away with donning Gaga’s McQueen outfit in a respectable tribute to one of the biggest pop stars of our time? Kurt can. Check out the episode’s trailer:

// Dan Z

Nickabocka loves: Skins

// Nickabocka has officially emerged from Skins Season 4. If you’re still pacing through Season 3, or your internet is way too slow for episodic downloads and you’re waiting patiently for SBS to catch up, then just bare in mind – you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

With four seasons under it’s belt, a further two commissioned by E4 in London, a film on the way and an American adaptation by MTV in the pipeline, this show is unstoppable. Allow me to note a number of key reasons. Firstly, it’s a program about teenagers, played by teenagers. Yeah, like, people playing their actual age. In terms of credibility, this seems to make quite a difference. While it’s easy to ignore the fact that Dawson and Joey were some four or five years younger than the actors that embodied them, its ever-so-easy to whip out the ‘unrealistic’ curse that attaches itself to so many teen dramas.

Secondly, the episode format on which Skins is based is incredibly character driven. Each character is nominated their very own episode, which paves the way for exceptional detail throughout an integral story arc. Written surburbly, and with dialogue commonplace to kids of that age bracket, aside from the occasional over-dramatic death, the tribulations that the characters are designed to experience are reflective of the emotions experienced in everyday life, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. And with a spectrum of eight protagonists, almost every issue is dealt with, or not dealt with as they case may be. And to make matters further novel, at the end of each couple of seasons (termed ‘generations’), the producers scrap the characters from existence (or do they?) and start fresh with a brand new lot of drug-fucked, emotional hipsters.

And not to be forgotten is the program’s production value. The shots, the pans, the tilts, the zooms – all carefully constructed and downright visually stunning. 

While the first generation paved the way for Skins phenomena, the second generation have absolutely taken over. Check out the cover’s below:

Company Magazine, February 2010. 

The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine (Sunday 10th January edition)

Diva Magazine, February 2010.

Nominated for Best Drama Series at the British Academy Television Awards, as well as countless other awards for production design (for the character of Cassie) and cinematography (Director of Photography Nick Dance has been nominated for a BAFTA and an RTS Award for Photography and Lighting for his work on the series) this show is critically and commercially on fire. 

Open auditions were held in April 2010 for the cast of the next generation which will air early 2011. 

// Dan-Z

Nickabocka loves: Beyoncé makes a baby cry

// Babies + Beyoncé + YouTube + Cute + Car Dancing = ADORBS!

So, here’s a word of warning, if you are NOT a single lady then you have absolutely NO right to dance to Single Ladies. As a single lady myself, I claim that song right now. It is an anthem for a generation of single ladies like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole, Ke$ha, Rhianna (I know not technically single, but c’mon, with all that she’s been through, all the single ladies totally feel for her), and more (including Katy Perry when that publicity stunt with Russell Brand ends in tears). Now is the time where the ladies are taking over the airwaves and re-claiming the power. Girl Power!

Although, I will concede that Beyoncé is not a single lady. She’s married to that guy who all the contributors on this blog ripped off his name (talking to you Dan-Z, Bear-Z and Simon-Z). So, yes, I will concede that the song does not come from true Girl Power roots, but we can claim it now.

And all you 2-year old boys can dance to Kanye. Get your own role model.

// lolzworthy

Nickabocka loves: Urban Outfitters Apartment

// The bits and bobs that you wouldn’t have even dreamt of purchasing soon become must-haves for the student flatter at Urban Outfitters Apartment

Not only is international brand Urban Outfitters a sweet resource for male and female online clothes shoppers, their selection of Apartment items are such a treat. The pretty collection ranges from furniture and design, electronics, books, records, bikes to even new and vintage sewing machines.  Let me stress, these things are insanely priced. Most items are under $50.

Key holders, Urban Outfitters

Cupcake ornaments and decorations (including DIY ceramic painting!), Urban Outfitters

Cast metal milk crate, Urban Outfitters

More caaaayute items from Urban Outfitters Apartment here.

// Dan Z

Nickabocka loves: Owl City

// Guilty pleasure Owl City released their new video for the second single from their recent record Ocean Eyes. The song is Vanilla Twilight. The video stars Basketball icon Shaq. Yeah, I’m not sure why. 

The video is the creative vision of Owl City, a.k.a Adam Young. Directed by Steve Hoover (also responsible for first single Fireflies), the clip was beautifully shot in the Historic North Side district of Pittsburgh, PA, with a considerably larger budget than Young has ever had before. Young fronts six musical projects in total, most successful of which is Owl City since Fireflies blew up in the US, UK and Australia. 

Vanilla Twilight

The clip is not quite as cute and quirky as Fireflies, and I can’t help but think that Young has been instructed to take advantage of his new found popularity and been pushed down the road of the many sell-outs that walk before him. The song also features on the new Alice In Wonderland soundtrack. But hey, I liked the song way before I had access to any of this annoying, new information and that’s not gonna change. And, ignoring a vague packet of crisps, at least there’s no product placement. 

Let’s just hope Young knows what he’s doing. 

// Dan Z

Nickabocka loves: George Craig

// If every guy looked like 19 year old Burberry model George Craig, I’m thinking the world would be a better place. Not only is this kid ridiculously good looking, he is also the frontman/guitarist/writer of the Yorkshire based Indie group One Night Only. Isn’t he just a little slice of heaven? 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Spring/Summer 2010 Ad Campaign with Emma Watson

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Check out his band at

// Bearsie