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I wanna be POPular.

// Chill with thinkers, swoon with lovers, be seduced by poets, learn from scientists, and go nuts with radicals in some of the best books ever written. 

Popular Penguins or Penguin Classics as they are sometimes referred, are a collection of classic titles by Penguin, a publishing company started by Allen Lane who, if you’ve read the back of any Penguin novel (and mistaken it for the actual blurb of the book like I did) you would know was ‘just looking for a decent book to read’. Whether it be High Fidelity, The Great Gatsby or even A Clockwork Orange, if you’re a trendy hipster without one of these beauties poking out of your student satchel then you’re severely lacking. This ensemble is designed for the poor. The notion of the Popular Penguin collection that these simple-designed paperbacks are sold at an affordable price, each and every one with a recommended retail price of $9.99.  

But! There’s more! To celebrate Penguin’s 75th anniversary, 75 new Popular Penguins are coming out in July 2010. Order your winter reading list from the comprehensive list of new titles here or watch this cute little video highlighting each one. 

// Dan Z