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On Fire.

// Wouldn’t you just love to see your favourite music video on the massive, studio 1, ACMI screen? Red Hot Short’s delivers.

I admit, before I started film school and was quickly exposed to the fact that film isn’t just going to see Valentine’s Day at Greater Union on a Thursday night, I was obvilious to this kind of work. My music video experience was much like anyone else’s, waking up early on a Saturday morning to catch the top fifty on Rage and Video Hits, toggling between the two until something I liked came on. Little did I realise the plethora of talent, thought and creativity that goes into making a music video. I under-appreciated the effect and influence a great music video could have. Really, it has the power to make you love a song you hate. Or make you hate a song you love. It certainly doesn’t have to be about Britney dancing on a pole like a slut or Caleb from Kings of Leon all sweaty and buff in Sex On Fire. 

Let’s look at the MTV Music Video Awards, Video of the Year winner, Beyonce.  Sure, MTV only really takes stock of mainstream music, and there are a vast number of fanstatic music videos that simply go unnoticed based on this fact alone, but Single Ladies is a mesmerizing video. While the song gets a little on the tired side after a while, I could watch this video forever. Maybe it’s my appreciation for a snappy choreographed dance routine, but the clip has style. It’s one take. It’s black and white. It’s simple; not a bell or whistle in sight. No clubs, no poles, no sex. Not needed. 

Presented by Rising Sounds, ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) puts on a screening roughly once a month to highlight, among some short films of choice, excellence in music video production. Award winning shit, from the best directors and bands in Australia and around the world. And while they probably won’t be screening a Beyonce clip any time soon (I get the feeling it might be a bit too mainstream for what they’re trying to display), you will find some cutting-edge new and classic music videos from Bjork, Fleet Foxes, UNKLE, Firekites, Grizzly Bear, Fujiya & Miyagi, Aphex Twin and many more.

The notion is that these productions should be seen on a cinema screen, not just at 3am when you’re knee-deep in youtube. 

The next is on April 23rd, ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne. To book visit here

// Dan Z