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// You only have to watch UKTV to realise Britain’s television industry is well established, but watch out Absolutely, there’s a new breed of Fabulous in town. 

Is it just me, or is Britain emerging as a fantastic source of series television? Just in this last decade we’ve had a few obvious successes from Skins to Extras and the extraordinary cult following of Doctor Who (I’ve got some relatively normal people in my life that turn into psycho Who fans at the stroke of midnight). But it just keeps getting better! If you haven’t heard of these two stand-outs, get on it ridiculously quick. 

Misfits (E4)

The Inbetweeners (E4)

Why do we like British television? Okay, so it’s not American television – fantastic start. Secondly, they have addictive, mesmerizing accents (I basically fall in love with anyone with a British accent no matter how tooth-less). Lastly (not because it’s actually the last reason but more because I can’t be bothered continuing the list) the witty, terribly-British humour. Laugh a minute, every time. Although that last point probably ties in with the second point, so we can basically surmise that British television is good because they have humorous accents that aren’t American.

That basically sums up this post quite neatly.

// Dan Z


Nickabocka loves: Skins

// Nickabocka has officially emerged from Skins Season 4. If you’re still pacing through Season 3, or your internet is way too slow for episodic downloads and you’re waiting patiently for SBS to catch up, then just bare in mind – you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

With four seasons under it’s belt, a further two commissioned by E4 in London, a film on the way and an American adaptation by MTV in the pipeline, this show is unstoppable. Allow me to note a number of key reasons. Firstly, it’s a program about teenagers, played by teenagers. Yeah, like, people playing their actual age. In terms of credibility, this seems to make quite a difference. While it’s easy to ignore the fact that Dawson and Joey were some four or five years younger than the actors that embodied them, its ever-so-easy to whip out the ‘unrealistic’ curse that attaches itself to so many teen dramas.

Secondly, the episode format on which Skins is based is incredibly character driven. Each character is nominated their very own episode, which paves the way for exceptional detail throughout an integral story arc. Written surburbly, and with dialogue commonplace to kids of that age bracket, aside from the occasional over-dramatic death, the tribulations that the characters are designed to experience are reflective of the emotions experienced in everyday life, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. And with a spectrum of eight protagonists, almost every issue is dealt with, or not dealt with as they case may be. And to make matters further novel, at the end of each couple of seasons (termed ‘generations’), the producers scrap the characters from existence (or do they?) and start fresh with a brand new lot of drug-fucked, emotional hipsters.

And not to be forgotten is the program’s production value. The shots, the pans, the tilts, the zooms – all carefully constructed and downright visually stunning. 

While the first generation paved the way for Skins phenomena, the second generation have absolutely taken over. Check out the cover’s below:

Company Magazine, February 2010. 

The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine (Sunday 10th January edition)

Diva Magazine, February 2010.

Nominated for Best Drama Series at the British Academy Television Awards, as well as countless other awards for production design (for the character of Cassie) and cinematography (Director of Photography Nick Dance has been nominated for a BAFTA and an RTS Award for Photography and Lighting for his work on the series) this show is critically and commercially on fire. 

Open auditions were held in April 2010 for the cast of the next generation which will air early 2011. 

// Dan-Z

Effie is effing brilliant.

// I know, I know, I’m a little slow on the uptake, having only just finished watching the final episode of Skins Season 4 last night (can I say ‘epic’?). While everyone else was too busy crushing on Freddie, I developed a wee girl crush on Effie (Kaya Scodelario). She is perhaps the only person who can make being fucked up look dope and rehab this season’s ‘must do’. Watch your back, Emma Watson. This gurl got style.

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// Bear-Z