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What would mums say?

// Every now and again America will produce a film that defies the glitz and glamour of traditional Hollywood filmmaking. No explosions, no 3D aliens from another planet, no massive casts of 10-15 B-list celebrities fighting for camera time; just pure heart and soul. Thank Christ.  

I caught The Kids Are Alright at the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival and only afterward discovered that Mia Wasikowska was Alice (of Wonderland fame) and Australian. Unlike Alice In Wonderland, you can really begin to tell why this little Aussie unknown has been plucked from down under and thrust into America’s view finder; she has some truly beautiful moments in this film. I’ve also developed a mad crush on Mark Ruffalo and an equal appreciation for Julianne Moore. Together with Annette Benning, they bring this new-age family to life with their honest portrayal of monogamy, coming of age and the burdens associated with having two mummies. Soundtrack features Julian Casablancas and Joni Mitchell. 


// Dan Z