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A little bit of Stroke goodness Down Under.

// So basically all of my wishes came true yesterday when The Strokes announced they will indeed be coming back to Australia this July for two side shows only (and potential Splendour in the Grass head liner). I had just started getting used to the idea that I will be seeing Julian Casablancas’ solo shows, but now I will be counting down the weeks/days/minutes/seconds until I finally get to see The Strokes perform live again. I was beginning to lose hope, that’s for sure.

Please watch below what is perhaps my most favourite ‘Stroke’ performance. Back when The Strokes had so much stage energy, they performed Take it or Leave it from their first record Is This It? on Letterman in 2002. During this performance, Jules gets so immersed in his own musical genius that he manages to fall over the microphone stand (around the 3:30 mark). Only Jules could make face planting into the ground look stylish and cool.

// Bear-Z


The genious that is Julian Casablancas.

// Below are a bunch of outtakes from the artwork session of Julian Casablancas’ solo album Phrazes for the Young. You probably know JC as the frontman of the greatest band in the world The Strokes (yes, very unbiased). However late last year, he decided to treat all of us hungry-for-the-new-Strokes-album fans with a solo record, which was the greatest thing since sliced bread. To say these photos are ‘amazing’ would be an understatement. I swear, the older JC gets, the younger he looks.

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JC will be hitting our shores in May.

Thursday 6 May The Tivoli, Brisbane
Friday 7 May Palace Theatre, Melbourne
Sunday 9 May Metro Theatre, Sydney

Ticketek, 132 849

// Bearsie